We have forklifts from #3000 and up. We also carry a variety of attachments.


Blue Diamond B48

Forklift bobcat attachment


Bobcat HD Forklift Attachment

Forklift Bobcat attachment


Fork Extensions 84 inches


Hyster H225H

Forklift 22,500 lbs


Hyster H2.5TX-2G

Forklift 5,000 lbs


Hyster H275

Forklift 27,500 lbs


Hyster H50FT

Forklift 5,000 lbs


Hyster S40FT

Forklift 4,000 lbs


Hyster H30XM

Forklift 3,000 lbs


Hyster H40FTS

Forklift 4,000 lbs


Hyster H60FT

Forklift 6000 lbs


Skytrack 6042

Forklift 6,000 lbs 4x4x4


Skytrack 8042

Forklift 8,000 lbs 4x4x4


Yale GLP050VXEVSE086

Forklift 5,000 lbs.


Yale GP050MXNEAE084

Forklift 5,000 lbs.